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Humpback whales diving in blue waters
Paid excursion


group experience
3 Hours
8 People max
$400 USD per person plus tax
private experience
3 Hours
8 People Max
$3000 USD per group plus tax

Kindly note, while there’s a high probability of spotting whales during migration season, please be aware that sightings are not guaranteed.
Girl looking out to sea from boat

Guided whale watching

Chart a course toward a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with Ambergris Cay watersports team! Prepare for an unrivaled whale watching trip that transports you on an immersive, non-invasive, masterfully guided journey. With visibility extending to remarkable depths, the turquoise water offers a breathtaking backdrop for whale watching. Our expert watersports crew—passionate about the environment and these majestic marine creatures—possesses unparalleled familiarity with the water and surrounding environment, showcasing their intimate knowledge of the area.

Unforgettable experiences

Exploring numerous hotspots across the enchanting Turks and Caicos islands, our expert team, deeply connected to the local waters, brings you an up-close experience that practically assures whale sightings. Brace yourself for a spectacle of acrobatic displays—from breathtaking breaches to elegant fin slaps—and mothers gracefully cruising with their newborn calves. With our hydrophone, tune in to the rare melodies of male humpbacks, serenading as they await a mate. Our fully equipped Everglades 36.5 ft vessel allows our crew to provide a comfortable, secure journey on the sea. This adventure promises an unparalleled closeness to these majestic marine mammals, delivering an unforgettable experience beyond your wildest imagination.
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Fun Facts!

Ready to dive deeper into the fascinating world of whales?  You might not know that humpback whales create hauntingly complex songs, often lasting up to 20 minutes. These melodic compositions–unique to each whale–contribute to their distinct cultural identity. Also, whales exhibit remarkable intelligence, with some species using ingenious methods, such as bubble-net feeding, to corral and catch their prey.  

Witnessing these incredible behaviors firsthand adds an extra layer of awe to your whale-watching experience. Start your once-in-a-lifetime journey by booking your stay with Ambergris Cay to secure your spot on this excursion.

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