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Girl swimming with conch shell
A pair of cactuses

Our indigenous hosts

Connect with nature in new and exciting ways on Ambergris Cay, an island of lush flora, rare fauna, and countless opportunities to explore it all. Ambergris Cay has the distinct honor of being home to the world’s largest remaining population of Turks and Caicos Rock Iguanas. These large herbivorous lizards are endangered, and in conjunction with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, their population is closely monitored and protected here in its natural habitat. Similarly, the Southern Bahamas Boa, a small harmless constricting snake, is the subject of long-term population monitoring and conservation efforts. Ambergris Cay is also home to a variety of smaller native reptiles as well, including Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles who nest on the island’s beaches. So, whether you take to the seas or stay on land, you may encounter one or more of the many reptiles who bask in the island’s sunshine and salt air. Not to worry, all of our island's animal inhabitants prefer their own space, same as you, so while they may be in sight, they'll stay out of your way.

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Bird watching

Discover the lush world of the rare, migratory, and tropical birds who call Ambergris Cay their home. Whether you’re a bird watching enthusiast or simply a wildlife lover, you’ll have the unique opportunity to spot dozens of native and migratory bird species ranging from hummingbirds to Osprey. The island’s unique position within multiple migratory routes makes it an ideal rest stop for countless varieties of migrating songbirds and raptors, including yellow warblers, peregrine falcons, and pelagic White-Tailed Tropicbirds who nest each spring in rock holes on the island’s eastern cliffs. As you explore Ambergris Cay, be sure to look to the sky and tree tops to see our colorful birds throughout your stay or schedule a Caribbean birding excursion to get a closer look at these winged wonders.
Flamingos taking flight from the shallows

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